Current Report no. 3/2023


Subject: Conclusion of a publishing and development agreement with Plug In Digital


Legal basis: art. 17 (1) MAR – confidential information

The Management Board of ManyDev Studio SE with its registered office in Warsaw (“Company”, “Issuer”) hereby informs that yesterday, i.e. February 20, 2023, a publishing and development agreement was concluded regarding the video game My Museum: Treasure Hunter for PC (“Agreement”) between the Company (the Developer) and the French company Plug In Digital (the Publisher).

Pursuant to the Agreement, the Publisher will undertake the actions necessary to release the game in the PC version, and will incur development costs in the amount of EUR 112,000 and marketing costs in the amount of up to EUR 63,000. In connection with the implementation of the Agreement, the Company will receive remuneration for granting a license corresponding to a part of the revenue from the sale of the game, i.e. in particular, the Company will be entitled to 30% of the profit from the first copy of the game sold, and after all development expenditures made by the Publisher have been reimbursed and marketing, the Company will be entitled to 65% of the profit from each subsequent copy of the game sold.

The other terms and conditions of the Agreement do not differ from standard agreements of this type.

The Company decided to publish this report due to the fact that the Agreement may have a significant impact on the Issuer’s planned revenues.