Current Report No. 21/2023


Subject: Correction of the notification pursuant to Art. 69 of the Offering Act

Legal basis: Article 70 point 1 of the Act on Public Offering – purchase or sale of a significant block of shares

Management Board of ManyDev Studio S.E. with its registered office in Warsaw (“Company”), informs that on August 9, 2023, the Company received from the shareholder Capeman Investment LTD (“Capeman”) a correction of the notification on the change in the share in the total number of votes in the Company, previously submitted to the Company on April 27, 2023 (about which the Company informed in report No. 8/2023 of April 27, 2023). The correction results from a typographical error regarding the shares currently held by Capeman in the Company (i.e. there should be 7,268,900 shares correctly, instead of 7,278,900 shares as it was mistakenly indicated, which is respectively: 32.16% in the share capital and in the total number of votes at general meeting, instead of – as it was mistakenly indicated earlier – 32.21%). The wording (i.e. nomenclature) of the “sale agreement” indicated in the notification as the basis (type) of the event causing the change of the share being the subject of the notification was also changed, and which – in order to dispel any doubts – was replaced with the wording: purchase (purchase) of shares. The content of the corrected notification is attached to this report.

Attachment: Capeman_Zawiadomienie_znaczne pakiety[337379]